My husband and I had the privilege of being a client of M&M Real Estate Properties, LLC.  They made us feel very comfortable as they instructed us through the entire procedure. They worked diligently With us every step of the way to make this challenging situation a success.  As everyone know that buying and selling property in not easy. However, due to M&M Real Estate Properties professionalism, excellent client care and customer services, my experience in selling my rental property was excellent. It was comforting to know that M&M Real Estate Company members work ethics of this caliber. I would like to encourage M&M Real Estate Properties, to continue to be the best Real Estate Company in the Washington Metropolitan Area. Again, thank you for your excellent client care and customer services that were given to us.
~Vincent & La Shon Frazier~


I was a first time home buyer and I really didn't know much about the home buying terms, let alone the do's and don'ts of purchasing. My experience with M & M Real Estate was GREAT! I felt so comfortable and that's means a lot to me because I'm skeptical about everything. They checked on me regularly to ensure that I understood every stage of the process. They told me what to expect from all parties involved. I felt like I didn't have to do anything because Ulrica kept me in the loop with everything, maybe even over communicating at times, which was refreshing because in the end, there were no surprises. I really value service and I would recommend M&M Real Estate for their hard work, timely responses, and integrity alone, not to mention their years of experience, which was evident during the process. I thank God for them.  When I first saw the home I liked I didn't put an offer in right away. They didn't pressure me to make a decision but they did let me know that when you see a great deal that fits your criteria, go for it. I went home without putting in an offer and the seller accepted another offer. I missed out, however two weeks later Ulrica called me to let me know that the offer fell through and if I still wanted it this was my second chance. In the end I put in the offer and now I'm a home owner.
~~Sean Valentine~~


The M&M real estate team is awesome! It was an absolute pleasure to work with them!  I found them to be professional, knowledgeable and very personable. They conduct their business with the utmost integrity. Their suggestions and recommendations are valuable. Ulrica checked in regularly with status reports and made sure that I was doing what I needed to do on my end as the Seller.  I highly recommend this hard-working team. They do not disappoint!

As the Seller, they were mindful of not having me make any unnecessary expenditures to make the property marketable. In some instances I felt Ulrica went above and beyond what was required of her. Example: I live quite a distance away from the property (some forty miles).  When the property was placed on the market, it was spring, a time when grass needs cutting frequently. On her own, she approached neighbors in the property complex and found someone who was willing to cut the grass on an as needed basis. She could easily have left the responsibility of finding someone to me. I might have had to employ a lawn care company who would have charged more. Additionally, it would not have been easy to find one to service that area for reasonable fees. I had multiple bids on my property (one of which was accepted) within the first 10 days that it was on the market! I was so happy that it did not turn out to be a prolonged process. I give God the glory and thank Him for sending them into my life!

~~Dr. G. Pearson~~

Ulrica worked directly with me on the sale of my house and updated me at least once daily on the progress from beginning to settlement.  Ulrica really went the extra mile. Since I was not able to get out of rehab/nursing because of my knee replacement, she did all the legwork -- brought papers to me, let the painters in the house, got a landscaper for me, carried things out to the curb for special pick up, etc. She is a wonder.

Two years ago I moved to a retirement community and needed to sell my house in New Carrollton, MD. When it didn't sell (using a different real estate company) after months on the market, it was rented for a year. The tenants moved out at the end of July 2010. I needed to sell the house quickly because I couldn't afford to support both the house and my present home. The Megginsons suggested a price for the house that would bring people in to see it, and it worked. They also did extensive advertising on the web, etc., including YouTube. Ulrica presented 7 bids to me within one week of the house being on the market. We went to settlement on Oct. 21, 2010. I can't believe how quickly it has all moved. I am thrilled and recommend them highly! ~~Maja Keech~~

"I want to thank our agents for their continued dedication in helping us sell our home!

We were in the process of foreclosure, and they went above and beyond the call of duty to help us avoid that from happening. The housing market today has been said to have problems as far as selling/buying homes, and we didn’t think there would be a way to get our house on the market and sold before foreclosure took over. But, with much effort, determination, and hard work, they got it done! Day in and day out they worked endlessly to get any and all tasks that needed to be done taken care of in a timely manner. What seemed like hundreds of phone calls and tons of paperwork, never did they make selling our home seem impossible. With them, you couldn’t doubt that things would happen, because they never made you feel that they wouldn’t. I don’t know what we would have done without them! Thanks to them, our home has been sold, and we don’t have a foreclosure mark on our credit. I would truly recommend them to anyone who is either trying to sell or buy a home. They would be more than satisfied!"
~Thompson Family~

"We are honored to recommend M & M Real Estates Properties of Bowie, Maryland as a reputable and knowledgeable Co. During a very crucial time for me and my family we owned a house and moved into another house, the renter decided to move out and not purchase the house. This left us having two mortgages to pay. Our agent processed the paper work, listed our house and protected us from losing our property. During the process presented his self very professionally and with integrity. We respectfully recommend to represent us when selling or purchasing any future property."
~ Mr.& Mrs. Mahoney~

"We worked with our agents in pursuit of the perfect home for us for over two years. This proved to be quite a challenge because what we wanted changed from month-to-month. How do you find the perfect house for perfectionist that don’t know what they really want? Our Agents rose to the challenge, they were patient, understanding and persistent. Their professionalism and honesty gave us the confidence to persist as well. Throughout all of our obstacles they stayed consistent and optimistic. Working with our agents was quite an experience, positive in every aspect, we learned so much throughout the process, knowledge that will be with us. Today we are living our American dream, we’re in our dream home, the perfect house for us. Our home far exceeds our expectations. If you want to work with a team that is knowledgeable, professional, honest and personable, you’ve found them!"
~ Carlton & Kimberly Blair

 After three months of searching we found a townhome we were pleased with and decided to make an offer.  We were informed that someone else had made an offer as well.  But with prayer, M&M Real Estate Properties came back and told us the bank offer went through.  Then the process started.  M&M Real Estate was very consistent with the bank and stayed on top of everything regarding the property and making sure, as their clients, we were clear and understood everything.  That was one great work ethic we appreciated about M&M Real Estate the most.  We appreciate them for all their hardwork and dedication.  Because they stayed on top of everything, we were able to tak advantage of the first time home buyer's tax credit.
~Ryan & Erica Anselmo~