Winter may mean lounging by the fire, drinking hot chocolate (extra whipped cream, please) and movie marathons galore, but the dropping temperatures and extra time curled up indoors tend to lead to higher than normal utility bills and thinly stretched budgets. The last thing on your mind may be how to save energy—and money—during the winter months.

Investing in brand new appliances can help you save energy, sure, but there are also many simple and inexpensive home improvements you can make this season. You may face an upfront cost to winterize your home, but these investments could help you save money over time and decrease your ecological footprint, all while keeping warm during the cold temperatures.

Ready to save green by going green? Get started winterizing your home with these four steps:

1. Relight your home with LEDs
2. Winterize your doors and windows
3. Reverse your ceiling fan for the winter
4. Replace your air filters

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